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In-home therapy and parent coaching services for families with neurodivergent children in the Washington DC. area

Better Sensory Regulation and Therapy Start at Home

We got your child covered!

TAR Education in Motion, LLC is committed to making a positive impact on children's lives through personalized in-home occupational therapy services. Our comprehensive approach encompasses addressing sensory needs, enhancing activities of daily living (ADL) skills, refining fine motor abilities, and more. With a specialization in working with neurodivergent children, including those on the autism spectrum, global developmental delay, cerebral palsy, and more. Our goal is to provide tailored care that supports growth and development in a familiar setting. Additionally, if in-home speech therapy is desired, we are dedicated to helping you find the right speech therapist to cater to those needs.

In- Home Occupational Therapy Services

In- Home Speech Therapy Services

Experience a transformative journey where your child receives expert care, gains confidence, drives progress, and empowers you along the way, leading to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Our therapists develop an individualized plans to help your child find calm and manage their sensory needs.

TAR therapists
utilize the materials and objects that your child is most comfortable with to create a familiar and comfortable therapeutic environment at their home.  

The therapist may also provide guidance on how to modify or adapt existing toys or objects that you already have to enhance sensory experiences or promote specific skills.

Additionally, involving familiar objects at home encourages carryover and continued practice of therapy techniques, fostering progress and growth beyond therapy.

Over 16+ years of experience

Our occupational therapists have, on average, over 16 years of clinical experience working with kids and their families.

Well trained

Our occupational therapists are skilled and knowledgeable in pediatric disorders and sensory integration therapy.

The focus is on your family

For best outcomes, find a therapist that focuses on the specific issues and needs that relate to your child.

Your child's progress is our top priority!

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I highly recommend working with TAR! They made a huge impact in our day to day routine at home with our daughter. We worked directly with Pia; she was able to coach us in finding good strategies for our daughter to decrease her aggressive behavior without hurting herself. As well as, participating more in dressing and brushing her teeth. And last but not least, Pia also helped us set up a sensory friendly environment. We are very thankful for TAR and their approach in helping us make our lives and our daughters easier at home.

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Working with Pia was a great experience for me and my kiddo, who has sensory processing disorder. Pia is extremely patient. My kiddo is easily distracted- but she would expertly redirect him. She explained how each activity supported kiddo’s goals. She also explained how I can support my kiddo with supportive activities at home. Our sessions were extremely helpful and I will definitely go back to Pia in future.

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Pia was incredible with our son and helped him so much. Even though she challenged him, he alway had fun and looked forward to our weekly appointments. She also gave us a lot of great parenting tips as well. Cannot recommend her enough.

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Pia is just amazing. She helped our son gain confidence, learn patience, and improve his overall regulation. She is endlessly patient, creative, and loving, with lots of great advice for parents too! So grateful for her help and support.

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Pia worked with my seven year old son for several months. He needed help improving his hand strength to improve his handwriting and improving his bilateral coordination. Not only did she give me and my husband specific ideas for how to work with him at home to continue his progress but she was so engaging with him in each session. She always seemed to have several ideas in her back-pocket for how to get at the progress she wanted to see. It often seemed that she decided which activity she did based upon what my child was excited to do. She didn't just tell our son what to do, she partnered with him and let him be a part of the decision making. It was impressive to watch. We called our sessions with Pia "coaching for power and speed" and our son loved them. He was sad when the sessions came to an end! Thanks Pia!

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I love her she is the best OT Therapist ever I been working with her 5 years with my kids I really recommend her service.

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