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Coaching Parents 


Despite your tireless efforts to provide the best for your autistic child, do you find yourself overwhelmed by feelings of self-doubt and the sense that you're not measuring up?

You've exhausted every sensory strategy in your repertoire, desperately seeking ways to help your child regulate, yet it feels like it's never enough?

Your world has been shaken as your child receives their autism diagnosis, leaving you wondering, "What now?"

What is parent coaching?

When we use the term "coach," we refer to a parent who collaborates with an occupational therapist 1:1 and in person to define and accomplish personal and family goals.

Parent coaching with TAR's occupational therapists refers to the process in which we work closely with parents or caregivers to provide guidance, education, and support in helping their child reach therapy goals faster.

How do we work?

Parent coaching is important because it empowers parents to actively participate in their child's therapy and support their progress outside of therapy sessions. By providing parents with knowledge, strategies, and resources, TAR helps them understand their child's unique needs and how to best address them at home.


Parent coaching allows parents to gain a deeper understanding of their child's therapeutic goals, intervention techniques, and how to incorporate therapy principles into daily routines.


This knowledge enables parents to become advocates for their child's development and well-being, promoting consistency and continuity of therapeutic interventions beyond the therapy setting.


Ultimately, parent coaching equips parents with the tools and confidence to support their child's growth, independence, and overall success in various aspects of their life and for the future. 

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