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Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy

Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy


TAR Education in Motion, LLC is located in Washington D.C.


Pia Seltmann MS, OTR/L


Our therapeutic service is dedicated to providing the best possible care and support for your family and your child. We understand that each child is unique, with their own strengths and challenges, which is why we take a personalized approach to our interventions.


Our team of highly skilled and compassionate therapists will work closely with you to understand your child's specific needs and goals. By tailoring our therapeutic strategies to meet these individual requirements, we ensure that every session is engaging, effective, and enjoyable for your child.


We prioritize neurodivergent affirming therapy, family-centered care, actively involving parents in the therapy process to foster progress beyond the therapy sessions. With a focus on empowering your child's growth and development, our therapeutic service is committed to helping your family achieve meaningful and lasting results, enabling your child to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

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TAR Education in Motion 

TAR stands for therapeutic autism resources.


We provided sensory and individualized home based 1:1 therapy sessions so your kids can reach their goals and unlock their full potential. 


We also deliver empowerment coaching to parents, caregivers, and professionals.

TAR sessions are held at the home of the family or the location that the parent requests. 


TAR Education in Motion is an out-of-network provider. Our services are often covered by out-of-network benefits. We recommend that you contact your insurance company before starting services to learn how much your particular plan will reimburse you. You will be provided with an itemized bill that includes all necessary information, including diagnostic and treatment codes.

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