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Global Developmental Delay


Is the convenience of in-home OT services important to you?

  • Are you looking for a solution that eliminates the need for frequent travel to a clinic and allows your child to receive therapy in a familiar and comfortable environment?


Do you value personalized therapy plans tailored to your child's unique needs?

  • Are you interested in a therapy approach that focuses on your child's specific developmental challenges and creates a customized plan to address their global developmental delay effectively?


Would you like to actively participate in your child's therapy sessions and progress?

  • Do you want to be directly involved in your child's therapy, working alongside the occupational therapist to learn strategies and techniques that can be integrated into your daily routines for continuous support and progress?

We are experience in working with the following diagnoses 

  • Chromosomal Disorders

  • Genetic Disorder

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Stoke

  • Trained in scare management 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Anoxic Brain Injury

  • and much more. Reach out to us if your child does not fall under any of these categoriy to inquire more information . I am sure we can help!

We are trained in 

  • Mary Massery breathing techniques

  • NDT- Neuro Developmental Training

  • CVI- Cervical Visual Impairment 

  • Primitive Reflex Training 

  • Kinesio Taping 

How We Work!

Our experienced occupational therapists specialize in delivering personalized care for children with special needs right in the comfort of your home.


Together with you, we develop a customized treatment plan that integrates therapy seamlessly into your child's daily routines. Our family-centered approach ensures active collaboration and meaningful progress.


Our goal is to empower your child to thrive independently while providing you with the support and knowledge to continue fostering their development. We're committed to creating a warm and nurturing therapeutic experience that maximizes your child's potential and overall well-being.

Convenient In- Home Service

Choosing our Convenient In-Home Services for your child with special needs means prioritizing ease and comfort in their journey to growth and development.


We understand the demands parents face and the importance of a nurturing environment. With our in-home approach, you eliminate the hassle of travel, create a familiar, stress-free setting for therapy, and rest assured knowing that heavy equipment doesn't have to be moved around.


Our skilled professionals bring expertise right to your doorstep, allowing your child to learn and thrive in a space they know and love. We're here to make the path to progress as smooth as possible for both you and your child, ensuring that therapy is a convenient and beneficial part of your daily routine."

We Focus on the Parents as Well!

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our Collaborative Approach involves working closely with parents and caregivers to ensure a holistic and well-rounded therapy experience for your child.


Together, we empower you with practical strategies and techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routines at home, fostering an environment that promotes your child's continuous improvement.


We teach parents strategies for easy carryover, ensuring that therapy gains are not only achieved during sessions but are also carried over into everyday life to support your child's ongoing development.

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