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Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy

Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy

Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy


Sensory Integration Therapy, Autism  and Parent Coaching in the DMV


You feel like your child is overreacting on a daily basis?

Transitions are hard in school and at home and you don't know why?

Your child has frequent meltdowns when he/ she is overstimulated?

Your child might have a hard time processing sensory stimuli in their environment and this is causing difficulties. 

How do we work on sensory skills with your child?

  • We use existing equipment at home

  • We use preferences that your child has

  • We introduce new concepts to your child and your family step by step

  • We help your child to get used to materials/ things their avoid

  • We help your child with self-regulation

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Your child was recently diagnosed and your are new to the diagnosis and want to understand better?

You believe your child has autism and you need assistance understanding what your next steps to a diagnosis are?

Your child has their diagnosis but your are not sure what to do next?

You look for parent coaching sessions to guide your child and support their needs better?

How do we work with your child?

  • We help with behavior management

  • We participate in community outings to assist your child to get use to new routines and environments 

  • We help your child with transitions

  • We create visual schedules and transition strategies 

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Our occupational therapists at TAR Education in Motion work with you using a range of techniques to make sure, you as a parent feel equipped to support your child in their family environment. A parent coaching approach is one method that has been extensively researched as being a sustainable way to ensure your child keeps moving forward toward their goals.

How do we work with your family?

  • We help families to better understand their child’s sensory processing differences

  • We collaborate in finding the least stressful way to tackle sensory meltdowns for the child and parent

  • We assist with educating the child's family and friends about their sensory processing needs

  • We develop a toolkit of proactive and reactive sensory techniques and get an understanding of the significance of co-regulation in parent-child interactions. 


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